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Wissmann, JR Profile Picture

Wissmann, JR

(1890 - 1914)


Royal Field Artillery

Born 23rd October 1890, John Wissman, the son of a member of the stock exchange, Rudolf Wissmann and his wife Milley. He entered the college…

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Wood, DC Profile Picture

Wood, DC

(1894 - 1916)


14th (London Scottish) Battalion, London Regiment

Donald was born on September 21st 1894. On leaving Dulwich in 1912 he entered the Admiralty, having passed the Civil Service Second Division Examination. He…

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Wood, HGW Profile Picture

Wood, HGW

(1888 - 1918)


7th Territorial Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment

Born 27th November 1888, Henry was the son of a shipping agent named Thomas Wood, and his wife Mary. In 1906 he was in the…

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Wood, KE Profile Picture

Wood, KE

(1888 - 1915)


23rd Battalion, London Regiment

Keith was born on November 19th 1888 to the Rev CFW. Wood and his wife Mary. He was involved in the second XV 1905-6 and…

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Wood, PB Profile Picture

Wood, PB

(1885 - 1917)


5th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers

Paul was born on October 5th 1885, the son of the Rev. and Mrs CFW Wood. After joining Dulwich in 1899 he left in 1904…

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Wood, RA Profile Picture

Wood, RA

(1891 - 1917)


16th (Queen's Westminster Rifles) Battalion, London Regiment

Born 12th February 1891, Randolph was the son of John Wood, an electrical engineer and plumber, and his wife Catherine. After leaving Dulwich in 1909…

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Wood, TP Profile Picture

Wood, TP

(1882 - 1915)


Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army Reserve of Officers

Born 23rd July 1882, Thomas was the son of Thomas Wood, a shipping agent, and his wife Mary. He had a younger brother, Henry, at…

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Woollven, GC Profile Picture

Woollven, GC

(1895 - 1918)


Royal Field Artillery (Territorial Force)

Born 8th October 1905, Gerald was the son of Walter Woollven, a senior civil servant, and his wife Agnes. He had two older brothers at…

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Wragge, A Profile Picture

Wragge, A

(1883 - 1916)


13th Battalion, Canadian Infantry

Born on October 30th 1883, Ayrton was the second son of brickmaker George Wragge, who had two Old Alleynian brothers, and his wife Anne, who…

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Wright, AA Profile Picture

Wright, AA

(1889 - 1918)


3rd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment

Alan was born on March 13th 1889, the firstborn child of iron merchant William Wright and his wife Lizzie.  He joined the College in the…

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