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Abbott, FC Profile Picture

Abbott, FC

(1885 - 1915)


10th Battalion, Canadian Infantry

Born on the 2nd February 1885, his father was also called Frederick Charles Abbott. Whilst at the College he was a member of the 2nd…

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Adams, CH Profile Picture

Adams, CH

(1890 - 1917)

2nd Lieutenant

10th Battalion, The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Caleb was born on January 6th 1886, the third of four sons of jeweller John Adams. He joined the College at the same time as…

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Adams, ER Profile Picture

Adams, ER

(1897 - 1917)


Third Army Corps Cyclist Battalion

Born February 20th 1897, Edwin was the eldest son of printer Henry Adams and his wife, Minnie. In 1913 he had signed up as a…

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Alexandre, JW Profile Picture

Alexandre, JW

(1875 - 1917)


16th (Public Schools) Battalion, Middlesex Regiment

Jack, as he was known, was born on 8th August 1875, the only son of Captain John Alexandre, a resident of Jersey. After leaving Dulwich…

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Allason, LT Profile Picture

Allason, LT

(1877 - 1914)


1st Battalion, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Lionel was born on 3rd February 1877, the fourth son of Alfred Allason, a retired naval officer. During his short time at Dulwich he was…

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Amsden, HL Profile Picture

Amsden, HL

(1889 - 1915)


16th Battalion (Queen's Westminster Rifles), London Regiment

Born 7th January 1889, he was the second son of Ernest and Emma Amsden. Hugh came to Dulwich from Eastbourne College in 1905, very much…

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Anderson, HL Profile Picture

Anderson, HL

(1867 - 1914)

Lieutenant Colonel

9th Bhopal Infantry, Indian Army

Born 2nd June 1867, Henry was the son of Major-General Robert Anderson, and joined the College at the same time as his younger brother, Charles.…

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Anthony, P Profile Picture

Anthony, P

(1880 - 1916)


15th Battalion, Welch Regiment

Born May 3rd 1880, Percy was the son of Charles Anthony, the proprietor of the Hereford Times newspaper. He spent his time at Dulwich as…

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Apergis, TS Profile Picture

Apergis, TS

(1888 - 1916)

2nd Lieutenant

10th Battalion, London Regiment

Tasso was born on June 21st 1888 in Athens, the son of Petros Apergis, a captain in the Greek army, and his English wife, Emily.…

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Archer, T Profile Picture

Archer, T

(1885 - 1918)


6th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers

Thomas was born on 2nd August 1885, the only son of theatre critic William Archer and his wife, Frances. He had a distinguished Dulwich career,…

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