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Bell, GH Profile Picture

Bell, GH

(1869 - 1916)

Lieutenant Colonel

27th Punjabis, Indian Army

George was born on 11th April 1869, the son of George Coates Bell, a Surgeon Major in the Bombay Medical Department. He started at Dulwich…

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Bemand, GEK Profile Picture

Bemand, GEK

(1892 - 1916)

2nd Lieutenant

Royal Field Artillery

George was born in Jamaica on March 19th 1892, the eldest of four children born to a white father, George, and a black mother, Minnie.…

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Bemand, HL Profile Picture

Bemand, HL

(1897 - 1917)


Royal Field Artillery

Harold was born in Jamaica on 17th October 1897, the second of four children born to a white father, George, and a black mother, Minnie.…

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Bender, AC Profile Picture

Bender, AC

(1892 - 1917)


15th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment

Alfred was born on December 14th 1892, the eighth and youngest child of civil engineer Charles Bender and his wife Nancy; he and all four…

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Bennett, RM Profile Picture

Bennett, RM

(1900 - 1918)


Royal Air Force

Risdon was born in Kent on February 12th 1900, the son of Dr. James Bennett and his wife Lucy. He at first attended the Prep…

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Bernard, AB Profile Picture

Bernard, AB

(1896 - 1917)


5th Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps

Arthur was born on 11th July 1896, the first of two sons of journalist Bernard Bernard and his wife Mary, both of whom would go…

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Berridge, VA Profile Picture

Berridge, VA

(1892 - 1917)

2nd Lieutenant

Royal Flying Corps

Victor was born on December 16th 1892, the elder of two children of Charles Berridge, a Stockbroker’s Clerk from Balham, and his wife Grace. After…

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Best, FG Profile Picture

Best, FG

(1897 - 1916)


Machine Gun Corps

Born September 4th 1897, Gordon was the third of seven children, and eldest son, of Frederick and Edith Best, who were at that point residents…

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Bignell, CA Profile Picture

Bignell, CA

(1886 - 1916)


4th Rajputs, Indian Army

Claude was born on 10th February 1886, the second child, and only son, of William Bignell, a member of the Indian Civil Service, and his…

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Blagden, R Profile Picture

Blagden, R

(1880 - 1916)

2nd Lieutenant

10th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

Robert was born on March 8th 1880 in Buenos Aires, the second son of Joseph Blagden, a stockbroker. He and his elder brother George were…

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