SJ Hannaford Second Father Letter

Hannaford SJ Second Father Letter

June 14. 1921


Dear Sir,

Dulwich College War List, S.J. Hannaford


Relative to your circular letter issued I sent [you?] biographical information some time since but to whom I forget. However I expect you have the information relative to my son, who was killed in the War. At first recorded missing 9th Oct. 1917, but has since the War Office notified been found in Cement House Cemetery, Langemark, near Ypres. If you have not sufficient information please let me know. You will no doubt have his record as an athlete when at Dulwich. I enclose order forms signed also his photo as desired.

Yours truly

C.J. Hannaford



McC. Christison Esq.                                                         2nd XV 1914-15, played 1st