SJ Hannaford First Father Letter

Hannaford SJ First Father Letter

Aug. 21st 1920


Dear Mc. Christison,

First of all I must apologize for not replying to your letter of the 9th inst. but have been away for some time for one thing I been over to see where my boy lies in the cemetery at Langemark near Ypres. Many thanks for your kind sympathy, he was our only son. He was reported “missing” and only heard from the War Office last March that his body had been identified. After he left the College he passed on to Sandhurst and obtained his Commission 11th August 1915 as 2nd Lieutenant in East Lancashire Regt. and was stationed at Plymouth until Sept. 1916 when he went across to France – and was with the 1st Batt. East Lancs. all the time up to the 5th Oct. 1917 when he was killed in 3rd Ypres battle. I cannot [2] give you the engagements he was in during the time he was in France & Belgium only as I say he was with 1st. Batt. East Lancs.

His many records show he was an excellent athlete when at Dulwich at Sports 1914 & 1915 & football. He won the Hurdle Race (Officers) at Plymouth United Services Sports just before he left for overseas. He and Paul Jones were great friends and is mentioned on Page 23 of Letters of Public School Boys.

Yours truly

C.J. Hannaford