RB Firth Career Description

Firth RB Career Description

RB Firth, LRB, who died of wounds in a Base Hosp. in F [France] on 26th Sept. 1917, was at the Dulwich College educated at DCP [DPL]. At Dulwich he was Capt. of both Crick. & F. [Rugby Football] during 1905/6 and at Camb. played in both the F. [fresher] & S. [senior] matches at both sports and also played for the V [Varsity] at Rugby [?????] he did not get his blue. In 1909 he took his degree with 1st Class Hons. in Classics and eventually became a master at the DCP [DPL]. In 1911 he became Hon. Sec. of the OAFC, a position he continued to fill till he went to the front.