JP Sutherland Father Letter

Sutherland JP Father Letter
  1. 11 Jan. 1897
  2. Sept. 1909
  3. July 1912


69 Wilton Avenue


8 May 1917


The Secretary

Dulwich College

Dear Sir,

I beg to inform you, with deep regret, of the death of my second son, Second Lieutenant James Parker Sutherland, who was killed in action on April 9 last. He belonged to the Royal Scottish Regiment, and was an [2] old Dulwich boy. He was in his 21st year, & enlisted of his own accord at the commencement of the war.

His name appeared in the “Times” Roll of Honour of April 21. I presume you will have a School Roll of Honour.

“Jim”, after several years’ attendance at the College, left, I think, in 1910 or 1911.

I am, Dear Sir,

Yours very truly,

James M. Sutherland

(formerly “Highclere”, Westwood Park, Forest Hill, S.E.)


P.S. Please acknowledge receipt his brother, Warwick Parker Sutherland, (also an old Dulwich boy), recently enlisted, & is still in England.