JL Turnbull Second Sister in Law Letter

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Dear Mr. Christison,

There is not very much I can tell you about my brother-in-law.

After he left school he went out to Iquique (Chile) to join an older brother, & for [four??] years he was on the nitrate mines.                             Then in 1909 he sailed out to S. Africa & joined another brother, who was ostrich farming [2] & stayed with him for 2 years. Then he went to Johannesburg & got a position in the head office of the Knight Central group of mines.

In December 1913 he married & leaves a son born 1915. He volunteered for Service in German East Africa in 1916, & went up there in April, & died of malaria fever Oct. 31st.

If there is anything else you want to know, please ask me as it is no trouble, only I know [3] nothing about any of the actions in which he took part in German East Africa.

Yours truly,

[Muriel M.???] Turnbull