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Dear Mr. Christison,

I have your letter of the 29th inst. I am sorry to say that we have heard through Lloyds Surveyor at Stockholm that our dear boy Eric was handed in at a German Field Hospital mortally wounded on Nov. 20th & died on the 23rd, there was nothing on him whatever to identify him so we presume he was able to give his name etc. I gave this information to the War Office & they wrote me on April 26th stating that it is feared the Report is correct & that his name would appear in an early casualty list, it has not yet appeared, when it does I will send you all particulars. [2] My other son, Cyril, is back in England, he is in the R.F.C., he injured his leg in France & has been in hospital for some time but is now on light-duty at Croydon.

Yours sincerely

W.W. Russell


Lieut. M.C. Christison