IH Gordon Career Description

Gordon IH Career Description

Ivan Hugh Gordon

Born at Deptford 8 May 1880. Joined the Indian Staff Corps, 2nd Lieutenant unattached January 1900, & the 56th Punjabi Rifles Frontier Force 1901. At the opening of the Great War was appointed to the chaise of the Raja of [Kapurthala’s?] Infantry & went to German East Africa, where he died in September 1917, & was buried at the Sanja River. From the findings of the Court of Inquiry into his death, there is no doubt that he was “sniped” & “found shot dead”. His early education began at Heidelberg College, Heidelberg, then he went to Dulwich College. He had been stationed at many of the Frontier Forts in India from time to time & had he survived the War, had the expectation of the inspectorship of the Imperial Service Troop in India. He married in 1907, a son died in infancy, a daughter survives.