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Sunday 26.4.25


Dear Mr. Christison

I managed to extend my [leave? ?????] Monday last, and found your letter on my return home. Very many thanks, as I had no definite information before, except a short letter with his sister; I am returning the correspondence, as I do not think I ought to keep it. Gordon was three and I was six months older when we first met, our people lived in the same hotel in Heidelberg, and my first recollection is the pair of us being hauled off in starchy white sailor suits to a wedding, both protesting. We were continuously together for six years until he went to Heidelberg College & I to Mannheim[?] College, a few miles apart; after he went to Dulwich, my people came back to England, and until he left Sandhurst we spent part of nearly every vacation together, either at our houses or on walking or cycling tours. After he went East and I got lazy in practice our correspondence gradually became irregular, but he was my kiddie’s godfather, by proxy, and I stood in the same capacity for his son, who died. He was my first and last friend, and always wanted me to in for the S.M.S., but it fell through. [2] I enclose a couple of snaps of the match on Easter Monday against [????], they were taken from the furthest row of the stand, and as it was an ordinary camera, I had to wait for a moment of “suspended animation”, with no one moving too fast; the wing throwing out the ball in the line out is our man Douglass, and Ellis is also visible. I hope the team enjoyed this visit and that we shall have the pleasure of seeing them again; the visit must have affected their health as I noticed a defeat the Saturday, but expect they are now convalescent.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely.


Stanley Brown[?]