HSt.J Attwater Father Letter

Attwater HSt.J Father Letter 1
Attwater HSt.J Father Letter 2

14 Old Square

Lincoln’s Inn


18 Oct. 1921

Dear Sir,

I am sorry & apologize for the delay in replying to your circular, as all my furniture including photographs is temporarily warehoused I have found a difficulty in raising a photograph.  The enclosed I have borrowed as such I glad [sic] to have it back when you have made such use of it as you need. You may find some additional details in the statement which I made. Aubers Ridge (9 May 1915) was the only considerable action in which my [2] boy was engaged but he saw a good deal of fighting during the first winter in the [brickworks?] near La Bassée [??& late on or about the ‘Double Gassing’ of hateful memory??]. He was killed by a trench mortar found in the first trench line & is buried at Maroc.

I had thought that one of my sons had already replied to your circular but regret to find this is not so.

Believe me,

Yours very truly

T.H. Attwater