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May 30th 1921


Dear Sir,


I have only just [?] received the letter you sent to my son, S.A. Savel, since which he has forwarded to me, as we have been in “France” visiting my dear [?] boy’s grave. I have requested the order form for a copy of “Dulwich College War List”, which I should much like to have when it is ready. At present I have no settled home, but am travelling abroad; but, for the next ten days my address is: “A. B. Pollett Esq, [2] 424 Marlbourough Hotel, West-Cliff-On-Sea, Essex”. After that “Mrs Batten c/o London County Westminster and Paris, Haversham, Kent” will always be able to find me.

I very much regret I have not a copy of my dear [?] boy’s photo with me, but have written instructions to “Bournmouth” to send one to you at once. I hope you will receive it safely. If not, will you kindly let me know.

My dear [?] son “Lieut. Harold Richard Savel” joined, six months before the war, the territorial forces [3] “Ist Surrey Rifles”, “21st County of London”. They mobolised at once and went to St. Albans to train. He left “England” March 14th 1915 and was killed in action at “Givenchy” near “La Basse” May 25th 1915. He was told to take a trench and was shot leading his men within a few yards of the trench. He died on the field of battle. There he was left, and the next morning was brought in by one of his men and buried at [4] “The Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Givenchy”. I am on a visit to his “Captain” and if I can get any more information which could be of interest, I will forward to you at once.


Yours sincerely,

Edith Batten



Thank you very much for ticket for the unveiling. I shall so like to go, if I can!!!