HC Lomer Ward Letter

Lomer HC Ward Letter

Copy of Major Ward’s Letter



Dear Mrs. Lomer,

I very much regret to tell you that your son has been killed this morning. He went up approx. at 6.30 a.m. with [observer?], Lt. Bruce & whilst on the lines his machine was hit by A.A. fire & his machine came down in a spin. Both your son & Bruce were killed instantaneously. It is a very great loss to us to lose your boy, he was liked by everyone & the men in the squadron hold him very highly in esteem. He worked very hard with the men’s concert party & got it to a pitch almost perfect. It is a very great loss to us & you have my deepest sympathy.

He was flying at a height of 8000 ft. His machine landed in our lines & his body was taken at once to ICCS quite near an [aerodrome?]. He will be buried tomorrow at 2 p.m. in Chocques cemetery. His effects & kit will be forwarded through Cox immediately.

Yours very sincerely (signed) F.B. Ward