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Dear Sir,

I was grieved to hear that Hugh Arthur was killed. The proportion of Hong Kong born boys who have been killed is very high.

I can well recall Hughie as a tiny chap when I first went out to Hong Kong in the middle Eighties – small for his age, delicate, with a (?????) shock of fair hair and blue eyes set in sad elfin like face: very quiet and unassuming. Then his father sent him to England. He returned later, and after a short time in Hong Kong, went to Formosa with his brother in ‘(???????)’. He used to visit us when in Hong Kong, and I can recall many allusions to the happy days he spent at Dulwich. He kept up his games, & while in Hong Kong played with the local eleven against the (?????), he was the wicket keeper.

He afterwards went to Canada with his elder brother, & since then I have never heard from him directly.

He was a nice boy. May he rest in peace!

May I ask you if you know the site of his grave? If not I will make enquiries at the Grave Registration Bureau. I should like to visit it before I leave France & London finally.

Thanking you for the information you have given me, believe me

Faithfully Yours,

T.K. Dealy