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South Haven

Stanley Road

Lymington, Hants.

2nd February 1922


Dear Sir,

I am exceedingly sorry your letter has not been answered before, but owing to my having left the address you wrote to a very long time ago I only got it last night. I am afraid I am probably too late with these notes about my [2] brother, but it is quite possible you already have them from other papers in which they appeared. I am sending a photograph from my mother of my brother in case it is not too late & shall be glad if you will kindly take great care of it & return it. It is not a very good on.

General Boyle visited my brother when he was lying at No. 2 Casualty Clearing Station & complimented him on [3] his action & told him he was recommended for the M.C. I believe he was thought a great deal of for his observing & I remember he told me when he was home on leave a month before he was killed that they sent out so many “dud” observers he was afraid to let them to up alone. So he always went up himself even when as Balloon Commdr. he need not have done. [4] He was buried at Bray-sur-Somme on March 7th 1917.

I do not know if you will make any use of these further remarks, but no doubt you will know exactly what you can use. The other poor man lost his head or my brother might have been living now.

Yours truly,

[E. Joan?] Simpson