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The Cottage

Westward Ho!

N. Devon

Jan 13th 22


Dear Mr. Christison

I have this moment received your letter, but I am grieved to say that I can give you very little information regarding my ^late brother beyond these few facts. He had a roaming life – I only saw him once in many years – he fought through the Boer War gaining several medals. When war broke out he was in Australia, (I believe had [just?] started a sugar plantation) & was one of the first to answer his country’s call – refusing a Commission – he fought through the Dardanelles & was badly wounded. They wanted to amputate his leg, but he insisted on waiting until he got to England, in case he might save it & be able to continue fighting & it was in the hospital here when I last saw him. He was very [????] & quite [??????] to finish with the war. I believe he was [teed off with some other convoy from?] the Australian one to France. & the [????] I heard of him was in the paper – he was shot in France leading his men into the 3rd German trench on April 11th 1917 with his pipe in his mouth. He had risen to the rank of Captain.

My brother in Australia knows much more about him than I do. & I believe has a snapshot of him. I do not [ever remember?] him being photographed.

I am forwarding your letter to my brother [?????] Dadson

51 Portadown Road

Maida Vale

Who was at Dulwich with Fred & can perhaps [help?] you more. I hope you will hear from him soon

Yours very true

[?????  The ???????]


One more detail – my brother Fred was in the Mounted African Police for seven years.