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Pelham Lodge

Bickley, Kent. 20/7/21

Dear Sir,

I hope the following particulars are not too late for publication in the War List, altho’ I sent a photo & some short notices to the magazine in May 1918 as requested. If you have not the photo please let me know & I will send you another. My son Cecil H. de Wael, Lt. R.F.A., obtained a commission in Sept. 1914 & went out to France early in 1916, joining the 1st/8th London Territorials 47th Div. 236 Brigade. He went straight on the Somme & was at the Battle of Ypres, where he was in hospital for three months with ‘gassing’ & burns. Rejoining Dec. 1917 he was stationed near Bapaume when the German Offensive started on the 20th March 1918. He was on continuous duty in the saddle for four days, bringing up ammunition, hours of having to do double duty as half the Battery was on leave. [2]

Continued –

He was severely wounded by a shot from the enemy, his horse being killed under him, after two days on the night of the 24th March & his thigh severely fractured, he arrived at No. 8 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux, near Boulogne on the 27th & died there on the 6th April, & is buried in Wimereux Cemetery.


De Wael