C Wilkinson Career Description

Wilkinson C Career Description

Late Charles Wilkinson Born Jan. 22nd 1889


After leaving Dulwich College 1906 joined the firm of Rashleigh, Son & Hall Solicitors Lincoln’s Inn as an articled clerk, with whom at end of 5 years passed at his examinations as a solicitor. Afterwards joined the firm of Messrs. John Storey & Son, solicitors, Leicester. Left them June 1915 & was gazetted Lt. in the local howitzer battery. Went to France end of 1915 & saw considerable service with them up to end of 1917 when he joined the Air Force as an observer. Was awarded the M.C. (as per notice) in May 1917. Whilst on leave from France, he contracted double pneumonia & died at home Nov. 21st 1918, age 29, married.


“During a heavy shelling of his battery he worked for half an hour to extinguish a burning ammunition dump, finally succeeding in his efforts and averting what would have been a serious explosion, involving the loss of two guns & ammunition.”

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