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May 29 1921


Dear Mr. Christison,

I fancy you have an account of my son Andrew Brooks Knowles service & death in the War – but I just some [of them?] on the next page.

Would you if possible return me the photograph which I send as requested. Please keep it as long as you like, but I should be glad to have it back.

[Sincerely yours?]

Catherine Knowles



Andrew Brooks Knowles joined was sent to German East Africa with the 17th Indian Calv Cavalry in March 1916. Being in the I.C.S. he was not allowed to join sooner. He was killed not very far from Luckhomo on June 11th in the same year in action leading in [advance?] his men. General Smuts mentioned his death in an address to the Troops as being the bravet bravest action he had seen in the War.



I think you have all the details of his College life & scholarship.